Why Use Promotional Merchandising as part of your Real Estate Marketing Campaign?

Increases name and brand recognition

Attracts new clients

Generates goodwill

Prompts referrals

Increases sales

Builds relationships and loyalty

Your relationships with your customers are the core of your business. When your client make what might be the largest purchase decision of their lives, they value your trust and expertise as well as any informational guidance you can give them. Giving clients well thought out promotional gifts further cements these relationships. If the gifts are relevant and lasting, clients will retain them and keep your brand prominent for many years.  You could call them a three dimensional business card.

For example a simple USB stick that contains the contract, plans and images of the property becomes a source of information to be kept and valued.  Complete with your branding, It is sure to give you constant exposure, often resulting in referrals and recommendations to their friends and colleagues.

USB Drives







According to research by the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) 52% of recipients say their impression of the company is more positive after receiving a
promotional product, 76% recall the name advertised on the product and 52% of people do business with a company after receiving a branded marketing item.

Useful Real Estate Promotional Ideas

The promotional items people really keep are ones that are  "useful", things that are too good to throw out.

Promotional Pens

Promotional pens for marketing are by far the most common giveaway. Everyone likes and uses pens, When people attend a convention and get given a pen at every few stands,
they won’t be keeping all of them and certainly won’t be using all of them. You need to make sure yours is of a quality that they actually keep it and a nice solid plastic or metal one
will end up getting used. These obviously cost more, but a quality product people want to keep, will be valued a lot longer than something that is cheap and flimsy.










Branded Notebooks

If you are hosting an open house, free pens and notepads would be useful for the visitors to write down their notes about the property, they may continue to use that notepad for further
house-hunting notes as they travel to other open house inspections.


Bottle Openers
Bottle openers either a business card size one that fits in a wallet or one that is on a key ring are great practical products that are easily shared with friends and neighbours at a dinner or a barbecue.

Key Rings

For Real Estate marketing it makes so much sense to give a keyring. Whenever you give out the keys to a house you have sold or are managing,
ensure that all copies of the key are given out on a branded key ring. 



Tape Measures 

Tape measures might cost a bit more than other items, but miniature tape measures can be kept in a handbag or pocket and are extremely useful in open house
situations to make sure your buyers furniture and appliances will fit.

Gift Baskets or Wine Accessories  

When someone moves into their new house you have sold them, or they are renting, you could give them a gift basket with various products useful to someone moving in.
It could include things like a bottle of wine, a branded wIne cooler with your company logo on it, a spare light bulb, picture hanging hooks, pot plant.
We are happy to provide the whole thing or just the branded items you need for hampers to make sure you are remembered long after the a celebratory bottle has been drunk.
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