Reusable Bags and Shopping Totes

Banning the single use plastic bag has been successful in preventing nearly 1.5 billion bags from entering the environment in the last six months.  It has contributed to a huge change in peoples shopping habits and the way they view plastic usage.  Providing reusable bags with your company branding aligns your company with these worthwhile efforts.

Talk to us about  your delivery date and printing requirements an will ensure you make the right choice for your budget. 

Types of Bags available for you are:


A paper bag is the most common and widely preferred, due to it being economical, enviromentally friendly  and you can easily customise it with your logo or marketing message.

 Kraft Paper with Twisted Paper Handle  Paper Bags come in various size and colours  Paper Shopping Totes with Cotton Webbing Handle

Treated Paper

Lamintated Bags, Paper Totes with PV Lining and 'Tyvek' bags are more durable and resistant to abrasion and tearing.  They are also colourfast, waterproof and recyclable.


 Laminated Paper  Paper Tote Bag with PP Lining - 98% Bio-degradable  Tyvek - this bag has Aluminium Insulation

Cotton (Calico) and Canvas

Cotton or Calico is lightweight while maintaining strength, easily washable and prints well.  Its pricing depends on the weight and quality of the weave - measured in Oz / gsm.                 The average cotton bag is 5.5oz or 120-150 gsm

Cotton can be fully recycled and you also have the option of purchasing Fair Trade Cotton at a higher price point.

Canvas is heavy weight cotton up to 10oz/275gsm  - Extremely durable and long lasting.  Ideal for Beach Bags and Shopping Totes.

Best option for a small order with a one or two colour logo. Note no gusset.

 Coloured cotton with Full Colour Digital print  Note:  This is an indent Item so high minimum number required and 8-10 weeks lead time.

 Heavy weight Canvas with Gusset

Jute or Jute/Cotton Mix

Also called Hessian  - Not recyclable but bio degradable.  Ideal for food and organic brands.  It does shed fibres but can be laminated which makes it stiffer and gives it greater durability and makes it easy to wipe clean. Adding cotton makes the bag more pliable and softer to touch.

 Jute Produce Bag  Jute Panelled Totes  Jute Tote without gusset


Ones of the world's fastest growing plants, bamboo products is a highly renewable resoucrce and biodegradable. This material is ideal for bags as it is strong and washable.



Non Woven Poly-Propylene  NWPP  

While not biodegradable in themselves, these bags are made from 30% recycled material and are a good budget alternative.

Hardwearing (although not machine washable) they come in various strengths  (80gsm-120gsm) and a huge range of colours.


 Non Woven Tote - No gusset  Non Woven Tote - with gusset  Non Woven with Sling handle


Non Woven Laminated PP Bags, and other options

These often are 'Indent orders' with a long production time and high minimum orders. If you require an image over all of the fabric, the printing is done prior to sewing.  

 Lamintated Tote  Quilted Laminated Tote  Poly Felt

Polyester Totes

Can be made from recycled material, these bags are immensely strong and lightweight.  Because they can be folded up into small bundles they have a high reuse factor as they are easily kept in a handbag or pocket. 

 Foldaway Bag in Pouch  Foldaway Bag in  Ball   Foldaway Bag with gusset


For many many more choices please see our Bag Category Search option.