Reusable Water Bottles 

This is a popular and increasingly important promotional product range as we all become more aware of the damage that single use plastic is causing our environment.  

Aligning your company with good environmental practices such as providing reusable water bottles, promotes goodwill among your customers and employees alike.

There are several price points that enable your promotional campaign to embrace this strategy, making it a win-win for you and the gift recipient.


The Reusable Plastic Water Bottle

The important thing is for these bottles to be BPA Free.  The Action Sipper below is made from food grade polyethelene which is recyclable. It is a very affordable option for any event.

Tritan is a new type of durable plastic.  It is shatter, stain and odour resistant. It looks like glass but is lightweight.


 Action Sipper  Brighton 'Tritan Bottle' a


Water Bottle Accessories

Some bottles offer different "tops' or methods of drinking from the bottle.  This may be a pop top, a 'sipper' or folding straw, or a carbiner loop attachment.

If you require packaging, whether branded or unbranded there is usually a selction at different price points if not included in the original price.



Glass Water Bottles

Glass is seen as the most hygenic and odourless.

Glass however usually requires a silicone or neoprene cover to protect it.


Metal Water Bottles

Made from a variety of materials eg aluminium, copper and stainless steel, metal bottles are long lasting and keep looking good.  

Metal also provides the opportunity for Laser Etching back to the base metal, ensuring your logo does not degrade over time.

 500ml Aluminium Bottle with Carabiner  Stainless Steel Bottle  750ml Aluminium with Straw Option.


Insulated Metal Water Bottles

Perfect for Australian summers, these insulated water bottles will keep liquids cool (or hot) for up to 18 hours which makes them perfect for the car.

They are stylish and durable.  Perfect for that client gift -  to really show how much you appreciate their business. It's worth the extra expense.


Double Insulated Stainless Steel  Copper Vacuum insulated Bottle with  Auto Seal Top  Double Insulated Stainless Steel


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