Reusable Cups

Most people now are aware of the benefits of using reusable cups instead of single use cups for the sake of the environment and there are many choices when it comes to choosing cups and also many price points. Here are some of your options.  

It is important to remember that the higher the quality of the promotional product, the longer it will remain in use.

The most basic and cheapest option is the BPA free plastic cup.  Most of these have a screw lid with a removable sipper cover.
Some have silicone grips and tops which are more flexible and heat resistant.
 Expres Cup Claritas  Express Cup Deluxe   Pocket Cup (its collapsible)

Ceramic and Double Walled Plastic Cups

The double insulated plastic or the ceramic cups have a higher insulation rating.
Ceramic Cup with Silicone Lid
Printing on a silicone grip is best done as a one colour logo only, as the second or third printing process may lift off what
has already been printed. Let us advise you on the best treatment for your logo.

Enviromentally Friendly Cups

There is an increase now in the manufacture of "plastic like materials" from organic matter such as rice husks or bamboo.
Here are some examples of Rice Husk cups.
These are manufactured from a 50/50 blend of natural rice husk fibre and BPA free polypropylene. Rice husk is a waste product with little value and the agricultural industry often dispose of it by burning which creates air pollution. Using it to make a reusable coffee cup reduces the amount of plastic, accelerates its biodegradability and produces a natural look.
 The Choice Cup  The Natura Cup

Glass Cups

 Glass is a great option and as it is perceived to be more hygenic than plastic.  Again choices of single or double insulation.

 SIngle Wall Glass Cup with Silicone Grip  Single wall with Cork Grip  Double Wall with Silicone Grip


Metal Cups 

There is an impressive range of metal cups and tumblers that are not only stylish and more durable, they also have great insulation properties.
Cordia Vaccum Cup Sherpa Vacuum Tumbler Duke Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler
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Travel Cups and Flasks

To minimise the risk of spillage you have more flask like options which are great when in the car and long journeys.
Travel Tumbler 450 ml Travel Mug Columbia Travel Mug
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We advise that the printing on most branded cups lasts longer when handwashed.