Why Use Promotional Gifts for your Marketing?

Businesses see promotional products as a low cost marketing tool for attracting more potential customers and developing longer term relationships with existing clients. Whether a global company, small business or startup, promotional products provide a cost-effective way to establish a brand.



Here are some interesting statistics about the use of promotional products.

In the U.S, 8 out of 10 consumers have up to 10 promotional products

6 out of 10 such consumers keep promotional products for up to two years

85% of people do business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional item

89% of consumers can recall the advertiser even two years after receiving a promotional product


It is also a fact that promotional products draw more referrals from customers who were satisfied with the gift item so choose well.





Businesses can use promotional items in the following ways.

At trade shows to boost traffic and reinforce brand recogntion

To sponsor events, either local or global, with handouts and giveaways etc

For general awareness and mass marketing

To increases branding awareness to customers, new and old.

Use of a promotional products adds professionalism and brand lotalty.

To provide a unique gift to customers, either as a prize, a thank you for VIP customers or in exchange for completing a particular action, such as filling in a survey. 



It Is Low-Cost Effective Marketing

You can choose from a variety of low-cost promotional items, and remember, the more you order the lower the individual item cost becomes. 


Instant Brand Recognition

Our promotional gift helps customers remember and recognize your business. The gift remains in their homes and offices or cars etc. for a long time, acting as a constant reminder of your business. In fact, consumers hang on to promotional products for an average of 6 months, and much longer, depending on its perceived value. 


Lasting Exposure For Your Business

Where TV, Radio and Print advertisements are temporary,  reusable promotional gifts receive constant daily exposure, over a much longer time period. All you need is a well conceived plan and clever implementation.Even Social Media requires constant supervision and monitoring which can be expensive and time-consuming. Promotional giveaways have your contact information, logo and branding, thereby acting as a business card - just more effectively.  

Promotional products can also work as part of your Social Media Campaign.

Print a QR code on a promotional bottle or add your hashtags to a t-shirt, bag or cup. Even a key ring..

Customer Loyalty Promotional products provide the perfect tool in driving customer loyalty. The choice of promotional item is crucial however,  as its quality and relevance will act as your personal ‘brand ambassador’. Many businesses choose to repeat a successful promotional product, where customers look forward to the updated version.

Diaries and year planners are a great example of this

Get involved with your local community and charity groups

Sponsoring events and becoming involved with your local community and is a fantastic way to increase your brand recognition and a proven way to enhance positive consumer perceptions and market share. Hosting a charity BBQ, or providing the shirts for the local kids soccer team is a great way for a business to be seen as really caring about and supporting their community. The relatively simple gesture of sponsoring a local group, and adding your logo to signage or donating branded goods, can not only help you brand awareness, you help a good cause while you are at it. It’s a win-win!




Endless array of options

With dozens of suppliers across Australia and New Zealand, there are thousands of promotional products that can fit any budget.

Having a variety of options allows for greater flexibility when planning out a marketing campaign of any size.



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