Promotional Products for Fundraising 

Whether you are raising funds for your school, for your church or for a particular charity Promotional Products for fundraisers are a proven way to influence the public to contribute to your cause. 

Whether the event is a fun run, a car wash or an auction, the primary aim is to get people to engage and support your fundraising event.
To enhance your event and for it to be a success, it is important to match the right promotional item to your target audience.

Effective Fundraiser Strategies using Promotional Branded Merchandise  

Here are some suggestions that are trending in the market...

Branded Giveaways

Rewarding individual supporters with giveaways.

From experience, products such as customized wristbands, lightweight caps, lapel badges, cheaper water bottles, t-shirts, sunscreen kits etc have proven to be most effective giveaways for a fundraiser.

Printed Wristbands  Polyester Caps  Lapel Pins and Badges  Raincoat Ball


 Foldable Water Bottles   Plastic Pens   Gift Bag of Lollies  Heart Stress Toys



Customised products for added profit and brand awareness.
Products such as high quality T-shirts, water bottles, sunglasses, towels, backpacks and reusable coffee/travel mugs that you are able to onsell over the special event or over the length of the campaign.  These can bring in a steady cash flow.  Choose good quality products that will last and are preferably sustainable (reusuable)
Insulated mugs keep hot beverages at the desired temperature. When any kind of fundraiser is held outdoors on a blustery day, filling these with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate helps keep participants going. They are attractive enough for everyday use and feature a sturdy handle and a thumb slide lid that helps prevent beverage spills.



 Branded T Shirts  Tritan Water Bottles  Sunglasses  Sunscreen


  Travel Mugs  Drawstring Back Packs  Cooling Towels  Sports Umbrellas


Branding Opportunities for Corporate Sponsors and Branded Prizes

Branded prizes like towels and hampers are long lasting reminders of your company's association with an event or an occasion.

High quality technology and innovative products will catch the attention of your guests and make them contribute positively to a raffle or auction.  


 Cordless Power Banks   Speakers    Watches  Power Banks


Fundraising Promotional Products Will Help Your Charity Event

Your fundraising strategy will determine the promotional product you decide to use.  From daily use products to attractive gifts, we have the perfect incentive for you. 
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