Eco-Friendly Promotional Products 

Consumers are now demanding companies become more environmentally aware and use sustainable practices throughout their businesses. 

How can your company do this..

Use Sustainable products which are made from all natural materials:

They are biodegradable and don’t harm people or nature during its production as well as after disposal of the product.
These include items made of glass, cotton, jute, cardboard, bamboo and cork.

Logoed pens are the promotional product that pretty much every company has, so be the business that chooses the environmentally friendly option. Bamboo is a very strong and popular choice.
Promote environmental awareness and your company with this eco-friendly stationery made from recycled materials. Your logo will appear prominently printed on the front cover.

Support businesses whose products use recycled materials.  

Materials that otherwise would have gone as harmful waste to landfill.



Lanyards are popular promotional items. As well as being used in conferences and tradeshows, people like to use them for car keys and companies use them for ID or security pass holders. If you're looking for lanyards for your business, go with this eco-friendly lanyard that is made from recycled materials. Or use these recycled shoe laces...

Provide re-usuable items:

Products likekeep cups and water bottles and bags that halt the production and usage of single use items.  The plastic bag, disposable cup and the plastic straws are definitely becoming unacceptable to many as we begin to realise how waste plastic affects our enviroment.
 Sandwich Wrap Produce Bags

What will using eco-friendly promotional products do for your company.

Environmentally friendly items boost your marketing strategy by demonstrating your brand’s values. You are appealing to the majority of consumers and potential clients that are now desiring green-living, thus improving your brand image.
Bags generate the most impressions out of all promotional products?
These cotton and jute bags are the sustainable alternative to plastic bags that makes for an all-around enjoyable product. 
 Cotton Shopping Tote  Jute Shopping Bag
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Water Bottles...

After plastic water bottles became widely condemned due to the environmental damage they cause, reusable water bottles surged in popularity because they help to reduce waste while encouraging increased healthly consumption of water.

And the Essential Reusable Coffee Cup...    


 Choice Cup make from Rice Husks  Neo Vacuum Cup   Ceramic Cup with Silicone

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Update Your Company's Green Marketing Strategy

By promoting your brand with eco friendly promotional products, your company is taking part in a revolutionary movement that defines this generation. Decrease your company's ecological footprint and increase brand awareness with sustainable promotional products you can feel good about giving away.
Its great  that your company chooses to use eco-friendly promotional products  but that is only the beginning. You can also promote other sustainable practices in your company workspace. And in your daily office routines:
Encourage employees to bike or use public transport for their commute. This may involve providing showers.
Change office recycling practices
Use green materials like recycled paper
Reduce overall paper waste from printing.
Purchase fair trade and organic products
Use non-toxic cleaning products

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