Events and Conferences Promotional Material

Conference and event promotional materials (aka Swag Bag) provide event organizers with a fantastic opportunity to create a memorable event brand. Everyone likes freebies and event goers will most certainly appreciate walking away with a bag full of free knick knacks and other useful items they didn’t have to pay for.
A Swag Bag that is well put together, not just pens and keyrings, will create a lasting memory on event attendees, speakers and VIPs so here are a few swag bag ideas. 

Promotional Notebooks

People still use notebooks and take notes via pencil and paper. It’s been shown that taking notes by hand helps to improve retention rates.
Notebooks can be left on the seats, so that they’re ready for use the minute attendees sit down for a lecture or conference.
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Promotional T-Shirts and Caps

Promotional t-shirts can be one of the best, especially if you create a t-shirt design that your guests will actually want to wear. Avoid simply placing the event name or logo on the front of the shirt, instead try to create a clever product (either image or phrase)  that fits with the theme of the event.
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Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are great as they’re relatively cheap to purchase, and people actually continue to use them. The other advantage with water bottles is that they are a more eco-friendly alternative to disposable water bottles. Showing your company as enviromentally responsible is a good thing.
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
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Well Designed Coffee Mugs

Business people need coffee to live, so why not capitalize on our dependence on coffee by providing event attendees with a unique looking coffee mug they can use each day?


Urban reusable Cup Express Cup Claritas
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It just so happens that disposable sunglasses are quite fashionable these days. If you’re hosting an event in a warm climate, then provide attendees with some stylish shades that include the name of the event on the side of the glasses.
Promotional Sunglasses Promotional Sunglasses for conferences

USB Chargers, Adapters, Power Banks and other Technical Gift Ideas

You can never own enough USB chargers these days, this is especially true for event attendees on the road who are constantly worried about keeping their devices charged. Providing guests with a usb charger, or an adapter that helps them charge a number of different devices can be a great way of providing them with a useful swag bag item.
When selecting a charger or adapter, keep in mind that Apple products will eventually reject non-Apple approved products. So consider trying to find a pre-approved charger or adapter to prolong the functionality.
Phone Charger Cables for Promotional Events Portable Charger for Events and conferences Power Pack for promotional events


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Smartphone Pockets 

Rather than a phone case it is better to provide guests with an adhesive pocket that can attach to any existing smartphone case. This idea is great for conference where attendees will be tech oriented.

Merchandise for Event Planning

Event planners and organizers should try to truly understand who their event attendees are. Creating marketing personas can help in this case. Once understood, brainstorming a list of great swag bag ideas should be considerably easier.
To entice loyal fans or followers, create exclusive wearable ideas like hats, t-shirts and tote bags as a reward and to turn them into a walking promo.
It incentivises people to sign up again because they get a nice thank you in the form of free stuff.

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